To pass on our founding fathers' vision of freedom to a new generation of Americans
Restore Our American Republic "ROAR !"
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About Us

Our Mission Statement : Our name alone speaks to the direction that we want our country to take. Our goal at ROAR Is to take back our constitution and hold the federal government responsible for their bad decisions that affect everyday American citizens. We will also be active with regard to the Supreme Court when possible due to the unbelievable partisanship and questionable decisions that are becoming commonplace within the court. We will hold the mainstream media responsible for their continued lies and cheerleading for certain candidates when we feel It Is necessary. We believe In a sovereign country with strong borders and enforcement of all Immigration laws both at the Federal and State levels. We believe In legal Immigration and we reject any form of amnesty. We are pro-life, pro-family, and pro- 2nd amendment. We are against Washington Neo-cons,progressives and establishment politicians that have stopped listening to the American people.We Intend to donate our time and money that we raise to candidates and causes that will help restore America to what she once was. A Republic..... Here us ROAR !